Video games can spare your life, make you prosper, crush your spirit, or can even leave you broke. But no doubt, you can make a lot of cash by playing video games. Game creators presented online games in which millions of online players can conquer monsters and treasure hunt while living in a virtual world.
A new Billionaire that emerges from Southeast Asia is a Gaming Guru, Forest Li, used to play videogames most of his life at an Internet café. Which smooths his path to open ‘Singapore’s tech unicorn, Sea’. It contains Garena, a gaming service, around 40 million people daily sign up to fight with one another.
Other than that, the world’s billionaires list got an edition of China’s entrepreneur because of a 13.8 percent stake having a worth of USD 1 billion worth as indicated by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Sea bear loss of $961 million, but financial specialists accept that the organization’s choice to venture into a web based business will be a good choice to support their income needs. Chinese Giant Tencent is one of the stakeholder of Garena.

New Beginnings

Sea announced 60,000,000 American Depository Shares (ADSs), that represents one class A. 22.50 USD are the ordinary share of the company. As a result of higher investor demands, offering size was expanded from 50,000,000 ADSs when the organization launched the deal.
Sea hopes to utilize net continues for general corporate purposes and business extension.

“With the success of this offering, we have a very strong cash position supporting our ambitious growth plans,” said Li, and is also chief executive officer of Sea. “Shopee’s rapid ascent to regional leadership in just three years is a great example of how we allocate capital smartly and nimbly to capture the significant opportunities in our region’s rapidly growing digital economy. Shopee is now firmly established as the largest and most popular e-commerce platform in our region, and scaling with ever-greater efficiency. We intend to continue to invest in solidifying its leadership position, and enhancing the long-term sustainability of the platform.”
Li said, “The global smash hit success of our first self-developed game, Free Fire, has also opened up exciting new opportunities for our digital entertainment business, Garena. Free Fire has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games in the world, particularly in fast-growth markets like Southeast Asia and Latin America. Building on our unrivaled experience serving gamers in Southeast Asia, and our pipeline of new game titles, we plan to expand Garena’s capabilities to identify and address the needs of most gamers in more of these important markets globally.

Here are some interesting facts about Li and Sea : Gaming Billionaire

Games Which Gaming Billionaire Play

Free Fire is the main reason of Li’s success. Mobile game Free Fire has an excess of over 350 million registered users around the world and is fourth most-downloaded game in Google play store and in the Apple app store.

Climbing the Ladder

Li got 42nd position on 50 Richest People list of Forbes’ Singapore from his last years’ net worth of $738 million

Name Matters

Li Xiaodong was born and raised in the city of Tianjin. An American lecturer asks each student to come with a Western the name so he adopted the name “Forrest”. A fictional character Forrest Gump Tom Hank’s, who was an Oscar winning depiction inspires him. His most of the classmates chose Michael as their name inspired by basketball player Michael Jordan. Li described himself as “self- professed outlier” and “shy” and sees such traits in “Forrest Gump” movie.

What Works

Li did his engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China. After completing his degree, he worked for Corning Inc. and Solutions Inc. Soon he took admission in the Standford Graduate School of business for his MBA as he did not see himself prosperous as an office chief. He established Garena over four years, which is now known as Sea.