PlayStation 5: What to expect? What are rumours? What is release date? All you need to know

Life of PlayStation 4 has come to an end. PlayStation is getting older and fans of PlayStation will be demanding new device with even more features, advanced operating system and enrich architecture. Same are the views of director of Sony he said that we are thinking for PlayStation 5 because the lifecycle of PS4 is officially ending.PlayStation 5


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Sony has been since a while about the specifications of PS4, but everyone knows that Sony will release a new gaming console. Important team members of Sony have confirmed that they are working on a new generation gaming console and it will be available soon.

Once Sony Interactive CEO said that PS5 is not going to be out until 2021 but due to release of Xbox Two expected in 2019, he said that PS5 will be releasing in 2019 before Xbox Two.

Let’s have a detailed analysis of release date of PlayStation V.PlayStation 5

Release Date of PlayStation 5: PS5

As there are no official announcements about the release date of PlayStation 5 no one can tell about the exact date. There are many rumours about the release date of PS5, according to the prediction of some analysts PS5 will be available in late 2020 or early 2021 and others says it will be out in December 2019.

Michael Pachter in an interview declared that he is not sure about the exact release date of PlayStation 5 but most probably it will be in 2019.

Let me tell you another interesting fact, PlayStation 5 will release depends upon the 4K TVs. There is no use of PlayStation 5 4K graphics unless its not connected to a 4K TV. Therefore, PS5 will be released when half of the population of US will be using 4K TVs.PlayStation 5

Recently, Michael Pachter said that a new Gaming Console will be released in 2020 and the base model of PS5 will be PlayStation 4 Pro.

Some of the team members are saying it depends upon developers, some say that when market will be saturated with PS4, PS5 will be available and rest say that they are going to jump higher in future, so it will be available in 2021.

To sum-up PlayStation 5 will be release till December 2019 or until December 2020 and for sure it will be available until December 2021.PlayStation 5

Let’s have a glance at some of its specifications

PlayStation 5: Expected Features, Specifications of PS5:

As there are no official details available about the PlayStation 5 we can not say anything for sure. All we can do is to predict about the specs in the light of the sayings of top management of Sony.

Xbox One X is equipped with 8-core 2.3 Gigahertz Central Processing Unit. It has 12 Gigabytes GDDR5 Ram and GPU with 40 compute units. It has started to shiver now. The latest games are trying to dangle the Microsoft’s Xbox One X. Therefore, Sony must introduce a gaming console more powerful than Xbox One X.PlayStation 5

At the time of launch, PlayStation 5 will be compatible with PS4 Pro games in a backward manner. You will be allowed to provide games of your library in PS4 Pro in PS5.

Let’s have some intellectual guesses about the specifications and features of PlayStation 5:

  • PS5 will be supporting 4K HDR gaming.
  • PlayStation 5 Will be able to process high graphic full 4K games at 60fps.
  • PlayStation 5 will be having next generation Processor may be core-8 Zen Central Processing Unit but it depends upon AMD.
  • PlayStation 5 Will supports 4K Ultra Blu-ray performer.
  • PlayStation 5 Will have a reasonable price.
  • PlayStation 5 Will support its own discs.
  • PlayStation 5 Will have minimum hard drive of 2 Terabytes, or greater.
  • PlayStation 5 will support external 3.0 storage devices.
  • PlayStation 5 will have 32 Gigabytes of GDDR5 Ram.
  • PlayStation 5 will have AMD Ryzen processor.PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 and Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality in the gaming is the most amazing feature. PS4 Pro and PS VR has proved to be the best supporting devices for Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality in gaming supports a very less resolution PS VR increases the frames but still improvement is required to gain a real-life experience of Virtual Reality.PlayStation 5

While developing PlayStation 5, Virtual Reality has been kept in mind. Therefore, it must be supporting Virtual Reality at its best. There are a lot of things that does not create an exact replica of the reality in the Virtual Reality. Sony is working on this and has an aim to change the wold with this feature. Therefore, from the starting, in the development of PS5 Virtual Reality has been kept in mind. It will allow a lot more possibilities to the world of Virtual Reality.PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5: Competitors of PS5

Microsoft’s Xbox has always been competitor of PlayStation by Sony. PS4 was competed by Microsoft Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Pro is the competitor of Xbox One X. Both of them has provided a whole new gaming experience. PlayStation 4 has satisfied its users by providing a very smooth gameplay. Therefore, users can not object on Sony’s time taking procedure to develop PlayStation V.PlayStation 5

Microsoft is working on developing Xbox 2 and will be released in near future. But Sony is not interested in any kind of activity of this kind. Analysts of gaming industry says that Sony will release PlayStation V in 2019 before the release of Xbox 2.

To Sum-up PlayStation V will be an amazing device and will support all the games of the next decade at its best. PlayStation V will have the best Virtual Reality experience. PlayStation 5 will be providing the best gameplay, smooth gamming and full 4K view. It will be released with the release of Xbox 2. And this might be the last PlayStation by Sony. Because it is expected online streaming of gaming will replace Gaming of PlayStation.

It will cost around £450 because Xbox One X is available at this price.