Professional Fortnite Player

Professional Fortnite Player : It’s obvious that you search Ninja and other famous youtubers and observe their actions that make you clear about their qualities that a fortnite player owns. You also try to copy them. But what do you think which will be more supportive of you? Watching other people or hands on experience? Obviously later one would be better.

Hardwork is a key to success and practice is a key to become a pro fortnite player.

If you didn’t start practicing playing right at the moment many players will leave you behind. Learning is the most powerful skill that an esport player could ever get. And if he abandons it, he will miss the chance to reach expert level or even at any stage of success. In short, he will miss the chance of getting financial gain.

Here are a few tips that will help you in becoming a fortnite player

Hire a coach

I am unable to understand why many people hesitate while hiring a coach. We should hire a coach even for the things that have no link to our carrier.

You can learn a lot about esport from a coach, or maybe you learn nothing but you should at least give it a chance. If it does not provide you positive learning at least it would not get you a worse experience. Hiring a coach lets you learn a lot in a short amount of time. It will help you to “Put the pieces together”.

Esports demands a continuous learning practice. You have to put extra effort in the things you are good at, which makes you able to practice what you are not good at. Hiring a coach would reduce that amount of time, which you spend on improving things which are already at its best. Hiring someone who has better knowledge and more experience than you will improve your learning process.

There would be a lot of mistakes that you would make while learning. As coach has more experience than you, he surely knows how to deal with all those mistakes. And how you can prevent those mistakes.


Improve learning skills

Whenever you ask a gamer what makes esport different from regular sports? You will get a variety of answers. Some will say player need not to move. Some will say it needs more strategy to play esports. But I think the thing that really separates esports from regular sports is learning.

Fornite players have to face a lot of new updations and changes in a game. That requires to be learned by its players which is missing in regular sports. Athletes have to learn sport once and could be a master of it for times.

If you really want to become pro as fortnite player, you need not become master of one/current version you need to become a pro of all versions that release with time.


Get right Gear for Professional Fortnite Player

Game performance could have a surprisingly positive effect if one will use the right gear for the game. Those who say it’s just an extra show off to have the proper gear for gaming. You should ask them have they ever seen a pro fortnite player with a mouse that contains a ball in it or one with a 90’s keyboard? I guess it will give them all their answers.

You need not to check all the gears on the market. Or need to buy more expensive or fancy one. You should even not change your gears time to time. Just stick with the ones you get comfortable with. Being comfortable with your gears will provide you the best gaming experience ever.


Practice like you mean it.

If you want to become expert in something, practice it more often. If players learn from professionals, they get an opportunity to practice things they are weak at instead of playing a whole match to get practice for one thing. Getting more practice means achieving more in less amount of time. Practice something a lot will bring you a time to accomplish a task in two hours rather than in six. Let’s practice it on you. Do you see any difference between you now and when you start playing.? If yes, then consider your practice as first priority.

As a beginner, you learned a lot of stuff in less time, but with the passage of time excitement of learning something new dies and speed of learning reduce as compared to time spent in learning.

Reason of this is focus. At the beginning you were 100 times more focused than you are now.


Participate in local tournaments for Professional Fortnite Player

Compete in a tournament is a proud in itself. You have to face a real pressure. Before playing into a real tournament player should have to go through a number of local tournaments like school mock tests. It will enhance the learning. Having more experience of the tournament will increase your chances of winning a game as compared to a new bee. Playing at home is totally than playing in a tournament. Most of the people fail the tournament because they have not practiced any skill for official tournament despite of the fact they were best when they play in their own field.


Accept the Facts

Considering you a professional gamer, there are a lot of expectations on you from your spongers and organizations who are paying you.

They need the best players and even if you have been playing for them for a long time and now you do not stand on their expectations they are not going to pay you anymore.

It’s a fact and you have to accept it before entering into this field.

You cannot rely on esport and fortnite for your entire life. When you will grow old, you will realize that you cannot be an esport player anymore at that time you need some other resources to meet both ends. So you should think of a life after it.

It’s not like you get bored of it. It’s like a retirement or maybe at some point you need to fine a proper meaning of your life. So gamers should also think of the things what really matter in their life.


Practice as a team player to become Professional Fortnite Player

Playing in teams is still an area in esports that needs a lot of advancement. But still it has games that are played as a team. There is a key to win as a team, and that key is good communications with team members. Learning how to make communication better helps to reduce problems between players and also minimize the tension while playing a tournament.


So what you really have to do?

To be an expert, firstly you need to become good at a game. Increase your win rate and also the number of kills to become a skilled player. May be it could win you a rank, of professional in local tournaments. Second, get a knowledge about your competence and try to learn from their techniques. It will help you to improve your skills. Third, take an advice from a pro, surely he will teach you techniques to play and win. Forth, start your training in a proper manner and make a strategy for your training and follow it.