Xbox Two: What to expect? What are rumours? What is release date? All you need to know

Everyone had expectation from Sony, that next generation PlayStation will be launched first. But Microsoft is the one to confirm that their engineers are working day and night by leaps and bounds to make next generation gaming console may not be known as Xbox Two.Xbox Two

Xbox Two -Some News and Rumours:

Play Games on More than One Consoles: It is very interesting to know that Microsoft has used the plural “Xbox Consoles”. It indicates that may be more than one Xbox are under development and will be released in upcoming years.

Xbox Two One for Pros other is Normal: According to the gaming analysts Microsoft will launch two Xbox. One will be the normal gamers who just want to play games. Other will be for pro gamers, for the people whose life revolve around games only. Both will be different in specifications and will have different prices.Xbox Two

Xbox Two One is traditional other with online streaming: All the analyst has agreed that future of gaming lies in online streaming. In the future there will be no market of traditional console. People will prefer to buy consoles which are free from the bounds of storage. They will be demanding consoles, which will be able to process online gaming streams.  Therefore, some analysts believe that Microsoft will launch two consoles, one of them will follow the traditional style of gaming and other will be following online streaming. This will help Microsoft to capture the market of traditional users and the market of people with higher demands i.e. Online Streaming Consoles. The trials of cloud gaming will begin in 2019 and will be done on 4G and 5G networks only. Netflix may be providing their services for the cloud gaming, the future of Xbox.

Xbox Two will have Next generation hardware: Xbox is finding a new electrical engineer to determine the future of next generation Xbox. An engineer who can provide an effective solution of the problems with DRAM with all its categories DDR3, GDDR5, GDDR6 and the future categories to come.Xbox Two

Release Date of Xbox Two: There are a lot of rumours about the release date of Xbox. Some thing it will be out until December 2019 and some find December 2020 a more appropriate time period. Most probably, in the light of the sayings of Top Management of Xbox development, Xbox two or whatever Microsoft will name it will be available in late 2020 or Early 2021. It is interesting to note that Microsoft will not launch a single console. Rather it will launch at least two consoles. Unlike Xbox One and Xbox One X both of them will be launched on the same date at the same time. Both will be having different properties, and both will target different type of people.Xbox Two

Xbox Two: Consumers Expectations and Response of Microsoft:

To predict, what Microsoft will do is not an easy task. Let’s have on Xbox One X first:

  • It has 8-core 2.3 Gigahertz Central Processing Unit.
  • It has 12 Gigabytes GDDR5 Ram and GPU with 40 compute units.
  • It has started to shiver now.
  • The latest games are trying to dangle the Microsoft’s Xbox One X.
  • Support 4K gaming.
  • Most powerful gaming console available on Earth right now.

Therefore, Microsoft must provide a gaming console much better than this.Xbox Two

Cost issues, Xbox Two Strategy and Cost of Xbox Two: Microsoft Xbox One X cost much more than PS4 Pro. Microsoft is trying to introduce cloud gaming in future and it will definitely cause a reduce in the hardware. And reduce in hardware will cause reduce in price and it will be available to every hand. The cost of Xbox Two will be minimum £450 but will not be surprize if it is about £600. The reason of such a high price is multiple device launch.

Avoid something mysterious with Trials and Removal of Errors in Xbox Two: As online streaming of games and cloud gaming is a difficult task, Microsoft will start trials of online gaming by the end of 2019 and will remove all the errors. It is a very good strategy to try before launch as compared to jump in something that is not known.Xbox Two

Real Gaming with Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and Xbox Two: Virtual Reality has become the most revolutionary field in the playground of gaming consoles. Microsoft failed to introduce Virtual Reality in the Xbox One X on the other hand PlayStation VR supports virtual reality with maximum resolution. If PlayStation continues towards this feature and Xbox keeps failing in the fields of Virtual Reality, Microsoft will be out of the market in future. Therefore, it is expected that Xbox Two will be supporting Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The future of gaming has crossed the 4K vision and touch screen features, now gaming needs to be realized. But nothing could be said for sure, Microsoft still got an option to provide neat features, a powerful gaming console at reasonable price and ignore Virtual Reality. If we look at the response of Microsoft towards Virtual Reality, we find nothing but disappointment. Hopefully, consumers will not be disappointed in 2020, after the launch of Xbox Two.Xbox Two

Be Astonished and See Some thing more than a screen: Microsoft is working hard to provide neat audio and cleanest screen to its consumers. But Xbox Two may be something more than that. There could be projection coming out of the screen and occupy all the room of gamer and provide him with the environment and true sensation of game in reality. It something like 4D movies. Game will be in your room and you will be in the game. But it totally depends upon Microsoft and developments in TV screens.

Let your Console Decide Games for You with Artificial Intelligence and Xbox Two: Microsoft tends to provide artificial intelligence in upcoming Xbox Two. It will learn from the games you choose, it will learn from your PC about your likes and dislike and push forward the games that are more likely to be played.

To sum up Xbox Two will be a very powerful gaming device. It will support all the games of decade. And will provide a smooth, high graphic gameplay at a very reasonable price. We will see something much better and more advanced in Xbox Two.Xbox Two